YPO Gold Berlin

Transformation Bootcamp

Shaping Digital Leaders

November 9th & 10th, 2018, Berlin

With the first event in February being such a huge success – achieving a 9.1 NPS – we have decided to go global. In the course of two days, our November event will lead you and your team through the four key aspects of Digital and Cultural Transformation. Equipping you with the right tools, methods and mindset, our Transformation Bootcamp will give you the ability to master the challenges of an ever-changing future.

Key Features


Open to the YPO network only

This YPO-only event will accommodate a maximum of 50 attendees; this level of exclusivity will guarantee the greatest possible learning outcomes in a distinctly familiar surrounding. The event will be held in exclusive locations, providing not only extraordinary learning experiences, but also wonderful culinary delights. 


Obtain a holistic overview

In a mere two days – and through a unique composition of keynotes, workshops and networking – you will receive a compact and comprehensive overview of all the relevant tools and methods needed to ensure the successful digital transformation of your organisation.


Long-term learning success

A customised mobile app individually assists all participants before, during and after the event in order to optimise the learning experience and ensure lasting results.


400 YPO Chapters are invited

Get the chance to connect and work together with YPO members from all over the world for two intensive days. Work with the best coaches and learn from best-quality keynote speakers from around the globe.


Alone or with your team

YPO members can bring their team and have an international YPO-only experience with other YPO-ers, thereby enjoying the benefits of a shared learning experience. Groups of up to 6 people are welcome.


Tools and trends to take-aways.

You will leave the event with a transformational take-away toolkit that can be implemented throughout your organisation. Start the transformational journey of your company immediately without changing the whole organisation.

About the event

The YPO Gold Berlin Transformation Bootcamp, with its tailor-made learning experience, will be held as an international event for the very first time. It follows the concept of its predecessor, the German premiere event in February 2018, which delivered a NPS of 9.1. The concept is based on the results of an extensive worldwide survey that focused on the readiness of companies to facilitate transformation. Benefit now from the results and participate in the Transformation Bootcamp.
The Transformation Bootcamp mirrors the entrepreneur´s journey in the digital age and enables you and your team to successfully lead your company through the real challenges of Digital Transformation. This sustainable development and learning process is encouraged through educational concepts.
The learning experience consists of:
  1. Eye-opening Keynotes
  2. Demanding Coaching
  3. Interactive Workshops
  4. Comprehensive App Support
This event comprehensively covers all necessary areas such as: 
  1. Disruptive Technologies
  2. Innovation
  3. Scaling 
  4. Culture & Team

You will leave the Transformation Bootcamp with a new mind | skill | and tool set 

  1. You will be able to successfully face any of the disruptive digital changes that occur in the modern business world and understand the interplays between Digital and Cultural Transformation
  2. You will be able to develop an innovative product tailored to each individual your customer’s needs by using the Design Thinking method; in addition, you will know how to produce a prototype within a 24-hour period
  3. You will be able to apply the Business Model Canvas and know how to optimise your established business model as well as how to invent an innovative new one in a structured and quick-thinking way
  4. You will be able to scale up your business by using Verne Harnish’s Rockefeller Habits and know how to bring your Core Values and Core Purpose alive, energise your employees and simplify your human resource systems
  5. Your team spirit will be strengthened and the team will grow closer together. You will learn how to turn your company into a transformation-friendly culture
  6. Your analytical capabilities will be strengthened to such an extent that you will challenge your entrepreneurial approach and will be left equipped with the abilities to be more confident in dealing with uncertainty and complexity 


The event is a YPO-only event which accommodates YPO prospects, non-YPO team members, spouses and teenager from the age of fourteen and up. You can attend on your own or bring up to five additional people. 
The event is tailored for: 
– Management
– Product Development and Design Managers
– Innovation Managers
– Marketing Managers
– HR Managers
– CTOs
Impressions from the German premiere event - Feb 2018


Please note that the information in this document is subject to change without notice
  • Dear organization team, thank you so much for organizing the Transformation Bootcamp. The hard-core reprogramming we went through makes me feel charged while providing me with highly professional tools to master the future. Btw, I already miss the delicious food that was provided!

    Dr. Stephanie zu Loewenstein
    CEO Fürst Loewenstein
  • A great combination of coaching, practical application, and inspiring presentations. We spent two wonderful days at the Transformation Bootcamp. We learned a lot, put even more into practice and look forward to starting the future. Perfect location and atmosphere, lots of fun, delicious catering and last but not least: A very professional and supporting team. Thank you, dear team: Great Job!

    Ralf Puetmann
    Ex - Vice Chairman at Galeria Kaufhof GmbH und Managing Director Peek & Cloppenburg KG

Learning Modules


Learn how disruptive technologies transform life, business and the global economy

Disruptive Technologies are newly developed technologies that create much more value than existing technologies and have the potential to drastically change the way we work, live, do business all the while increasing economic output. Disruptive innovations improve products or services in ways that the market neither demands nor expects. It is therefore critical for business and leaders to understand what these technologies are. A comprehensive range of tools and topics – that we focus on during the Transformation Bootcamp – consider the impact that Disruptive Technologies have on corporate culture and the ways in which they create innovative forces that, although different, can just as readily be put to work effectively in your organisation.

What you will learn: 

  • the impact Disruptive Technologies have on business
  • the meaning of complexity and volatility
  • how to identify business potentials delivered by disruption
  • how big players use disruptive potentials
MODULE 2: Innovation


The Innovation module equips you with the very latest perspectives on digitisation and teaches you the cutting-edge agile methods of Design Thinking and the Business Model Canvas. In the course of the Transformation Bootcamp, you will learn how to drive innovation and establish an innovative mindset. Teachers from the Hasso-Plattner-Institute Germany will take you through Design Challenges and teach you how the Business Model Canvas can quickly optimize an existing business model or even completely renew it.

In only one day, you and your team will learn:

  • what Design Thinking is and how to use the process
  • how to develop an innovation and build prototypes
  • how to turn an innovative product into practical outcomes with the Business Model Canvas
  • how to implement, establish and keep the right innovative mindset


A commonly shared problem that can quietly spread throughout successful companies is the subtle transition from excellent, precise execution to passivity, complacency, and eventually poor execution disciplines. Tightening up your execution habits can dramatically improve your gross margins and profitability while reducing the time it takes to get work done.

After the Transformation Bootcamp, you will know how to:

  • develop a strategic advantage over your competitors
  • create sustainable growth
  • create the strong fundamentals necessary for a successful Digital Transformation
  • recognise the importance of purpose and values to improve profitability


An empowering, supportive culture is at the core of a successful company. It enables employees to perform at their very best, develops knowledge and skills, and allows them to achieve their own personal as well as the company’s mission. A full 360° view on digital transformation “Culture” wraps up the YPO learning experience.

What you will be taught:

  • learn how culture effects all businesses and drives change
  • how to set up the right environment for star performers
  • how to shape a culture that fits your strategy
  • improve collaboration across disciplines and geographical boundaries within your organization

Speakers & Coaches

Stefan Beiten

Host and YPO Gold Founding Member


Stefan is a lawyer, international entrepreneur and investor from Berlin. With more than 20 years of experience, Stefan is an expert in the development of successful teams and growth-promoting cultures, both with in-house and foreign companies. He is passionated YPO member, Learning Officer and Chapter Chair from YPO GOLD BERLIN
As an active angel investor, Stefan was involved in successes like “Gate5/Nokia Maps” and had to accept disappointments like “Txtr”. Thereby, he recognized the importance of corporate culture and, furthermore, his first-hand experience helped countless companies become successful. This included steering his companies through the major global economic crises of 2001 and 2008, successfully repelling enemy takeovers and reinventing them each time. Stefan’s business philosophy is simple: “Passion and culture eat strategy for breakfast.”

Sascha Grumbach

Moderator and Tech Expert


Sascha is an entrepreneur with comprehensive practical experience as a business consultant in innovation- and disruption projects. The studied business economist who graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Berlin and Tongji University of Management Shanghai has continuously proven his entrepreneurial skills and multi-project management for a decade; with 19 years, he successfully founded his first company in parallel with his apprenticeship. Sascha founded two more companies. One of them, Mantilope UG, established itself as consulting company for start-ups and venture capital corporations and is consulting renowned companies like Argo Ventures Ltd. Experienced in the field of innovative methods and processes, Sascha is mastering areas of expertise like Lean Management, Design Thinking, and Business Model Generation. Due to his extensive consulting and founding experience, Sascha can refer to numerous Best Practices and applies them to projects of any kind.

Nikolai Ladanyi

ScaleUp Expert and Management Methodology Creator


Nikolai is an entrepreneur, management expert and co-author of the German bestselling management handbook “SCALING UP”.

The methodology brought immense growth to more than 40.000 companies worldwide and since the foundation of his current company Scale Up Germany, Nikolai focuses on bringing systematic and consistent growth to German companies.

His coaching program is tailor-made for ambitious entrepreneurs that want to take the next step with their company.

Christophe Maire

Digital Thoughtleader and Berlin Start Up Expert


Christophe has more than 18 years’ experience as a founder and CEO of technology ventures.
He founded gate5 which he sold to Nokia in 2006. Christophe since co-founded a number of companies with global reach, such as Plazes.com (Nokia), txtr.com or recently Medigo.com, Mimi.io, and monoqi.com. As an angel investor, Christophe was involved in Brands4Friends (eBay), StudiVZ (HB), Plista (groupM), Readmill (Dropbox), amongst others. Christophe was named best “European Seed investor” in both 2011 and 2012 by Techcrunch. He serves on the board of EyeEm, Klara and Soundcloud.

Dr. Nandu Nandakumar

Expert for Artificial Intelligence and Analytics


Dr. Nandu Nandakumar is the mentor and advisor at 4ion. He has over 20 years of experience in analytics and AI. He holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon, and has extensive experience in a variety of industries, ranging from Pharmaceuticals to Manufacturing and Oil.

Nandu has been the Chief Technology Mentor for multiple companies in the analytics domain. He also advises a number of startups and early stage companies in the intelligent systems space.

Nina B. Fischer

Leading Design Thinking Expert from HPI


Nina B. Fischer is an executive coach and Systemic Business Coach (SMC) following the approach of the “Hamburger Schule“ and a former lecturer at the Hasso-Plattner Institut for Design Thinking.
In recent years, she has been leading global projects aiming to implement and launch innovation processes at DAX-30-Businesses.

Nina’s open and agile method training results in a deep understanding of the pains and needs of a company during its change process. She focuses on the sustainable implementation of knowledge in a company as well as the empowerment of all parties involved. The primary object of her work is the enhancement of action competence for managers and employees, to facilitate transformation and growth on all levels. Her motivation is the creation of mindful cultures that promote continuous development and responsibility.

Paulina Henftling

Event Lead; Expert for Agile and Innovation


Paulina Henftling is a coach for digital transformation and innovation. As a graduate of a Masters program in business communication, she is specialized in Leadership in the Digital Age and organizational change processes for more agility. She is instrumental in the organization and implementation of the event format ‘Transformation Bootcamp.’
Paulina is well networked in the Berlin lifestyle and communications industry and is always in tune with the times thanks to her sense of trend and innovation. She has worked as an agile project manager on top of her experience as a coach. Her workshops focus on the combination of systemic coaching and agile methods. Paulina passionately observes societal and economic change and has set herself the task of empowering executives and employees to actively shape the entrepreneurial future, as well as to help them understand digital transformation at all levels.

Kristofer Fichtner

Expert for Venturing and Disruptive Business Models

Dr. Julian Kawohl

Researcher and Thoughtleader for Corporate Venturing

Mo Moubarak

Expert for Hiring and Teams in a Digital World

… and many more top tier experts 


Early Bird Special

available until 17 August 2018
1,440/ p.p.
  • Special guest €1,640
  • Team member €1,240
  • Spouse €1,040
  • Teenager free
  • All prices are excluding VAT and travel


available until 15 September 2018
1,640/ p.p.
  • Special guest €1,840
  • Team member €1,440
  • Spouse €1,240
  • Teenager free
  • All prices are excluding VAT and travel

Late Bird

available until 4 November 2018
1,840/ p.p.
  • Special guest €2,040
  • Team member €1,640
  • Spouse €1,440
  • Teenager free
  • All prices are excluding VAT and travel
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